Conservation in the Sierra Cascade

The Sierra Cascade region is known throughout the world for its natural wonders—including majestic groves of giant sequoias, dramatic glaciated landscapes, golden oak-studded foothills, high desert vistas, and even volcanoes. It stretches from the Oregon border to the Tehachapis, and from the rugged eastern Sierra to the golden foothills above California’s Central Valley.

Occupying only a third of California’s landmass, the Sierra Cascade provides over 60 percent of the state’s clean drinking water. Half of California’s plant and animal species are found in the Sierra Cascade region, and more than 50 million visitors come each year to enjoy the spectacular scenery and abundant recreational opportunities found here.

Ten local land trusts based in the Sierra Nevada and California Cascades, together with their four state and national partners, want to make sure that our region continues to thrive. These 14 groups comprise our organization — The Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council.

SCLTC uses partnerships and collaboration to support voluntary land conservation in the Sierra Cascade region. We work with landowners and conservation partners protecting our grazing lands that provide healthy food; safeguarding our forests that provide clean air and fuel; monitoring our rivers and streams that provide pure drinking water; and protecting our wide open spaces that provide an abundance of recreational opportunities.

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