What We Do

Our Mission

Waddle Ranch, Truckee Donner Land Trust. Photo by Elizabeth Carmel.

The land, water, and wildlife of the Sierra Cascade region are vital to the livelihood of local communities and the health of the State of California.  Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council is a network of land trusts acting as a collective voice in this diverse region to support the pace, scale and permanence of land conservation to protect the natural, historic and agricultural resources for generations to come.

Our Work

SCLTC is made up of representatives from each member land trust.  Together, we —

Unite to speak with an aligned and effective message, to champion the work of individual members for land conservation, and to expand outcomes through collaboration

Advocate our needs with policy makers and agency personnel, raise visibility for our accomplishments, and ensure our goals are reflected in increased support among decision-makers, funders and key stakeholder groups

Align our conservation priorities with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the state agency designated by the California legislature to protect, conserve, and enhance the unique resources of the Sierra Nevada

Grow our capacity by facilitating professional networking and information sharing and promote best practices to grow the pace and scale of land conservation. Provide training and mentoring for emerging leaders within our organizations to ensure the permanence of our conservation commitments.

Our Values

  • Political neutrality, non-partisan; diversity of interests and representation
  • Recognition of the downstream dependence on regional natural resources
  • Treasure local cultural and historic values
  • Support a thriving local economy
  • Healthy respect for the power of nature and ecological integrity
  • Support private property interests in traditional land use
  • Take the long view, preparing for sustainability and perpetuity