Success stories

Balderston RanchThe following land conservation success stories aren’t simply about land—they’re about people and their relationships with the land. Farmers, ranchers, history buffs, small business owners, retirees—and in some cases, casual tourists—they all have one characteristic in common: a deep connection to the land. In these stories, the landowners interviewed graciously share the reasons behind their decisions to conserve their land, as well as what that land means to them and their families.

Each of these stories shares another common thread: the guiding support of a local land trust or regional conservation group, working with these landowners to navigate the often complex process of creating conservation easements or transacting the sale of their land for its conservation.

Benton Hot Springs Valley

Financing, permits, and forward-thinking management of conserved land: in each story these landowners and conservationists praise their land trust partner for working with them to see the process through to successful completion.

“The process was smooth… It was a true win-win,” comments one landowner, speaking of her interaction with the local land trust. “We could not have done this without them. We all had the same goal in mind, but there were a lot of details to think through and put in writing,” says another, in praise of the partnering land trust.

Susanville Railroad DepotBut there’s yet another common thread interwoven throughout these stories: an ability to see the future in the present, as well as a generosity of spirit. In every case, these landowner/conservationists were thinking not only of their families and themselves; they were thinking about their neighbors, their children, and their children’s children. “For me, it is comforting to know that the community and visitors will be able to enjoy this property for many years to come,” comments one landowner. Says another: “It’s not locking up the land. It’s about preserving our heritage and sharing it with others.”

We hope you enjoy these stories and feel inspired by their telling. Drop us a line to let us know what you think about them. Or connect with your local land group to get involved in the ongoing conservation and preservation of land. With your participation, we’ll be telling more success stories and preserving land for future generations.