Taylor Ranch

In 1957, Susan Taylor’s parents, John and Elizabeth Taylor, purchased two parcels along scenic Coon Creek in Placer County. Together, the two parcels totaled 320 acres. Her parents lived in Sacramento, where Susan grew up, but moved to the property when they retired. It was then that her father’s dream of raising a small herd of purebred Hereford cattle was fulfilled—a labor of love he pursued for the next 18 years.

Taylor Ranch photo by Joselin Matkins

Coon Creek creates waterfalls as it crosses through theTaylor Ranch Preserve. Photo by Joselin Matkins.

When her parents passed away, Taylor was faced with having to decide what to do with the property. Since her parents viewed themselves as stewards of the land, Taylor wanted others to be able to share in its beauty and tranquility.

In 2004, Taylor approached Placer Land Trust (PLT) to discuss the options for conserving the property. She decided to sell the property and, in late spring 2007, PLT became the owner. As she reflected on her decision, Taylor was emphatic: “I am thrilled to have sold it to Placer Land Trust.” Of the process itself, she says, “I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Placer Land Trust. The staff worked hard to secure the financing and permits.”

Taylor expresses a sentiment shared by landowners who have chosen to conserve their property either through a conservation easement or, as she did, through outright sale to a land trust. “If you can do this, it’s very worthwhile and satisfying.”

The sale furthers PLT’s vision of acquiring several contiguous properties to preserve an unbroken swath of oak woodlands that the community can enjoy. A portion of the land will continue to be leased to Curt and Jane Wurst, who have run cattle on the property for many years and who are well-versed in proper land management practices. PLT plans to link the property up with other preserved lands and create a 7-mile trail from Coon Creek north to the Bear River, opening this region up for quiet public enjoyment. Soon, others will create their own special memories of the land and Taylor will share hers in a most profound and lasting way.